Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Patrol Party 2016

On Wednesday 7 December our faithful school patrollers celebrated at Naenae Pool to end their year of service.
Our girls got to lead the water aerobics before the fun started.

Then the fun began!

There was an Aquarun, the ropes and the Zoom tube and still Room 6 students just loved hanging out!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Japanese Class

Today Sensei Hiroko showed us how to make Ongiri (Rice balls).  This was because today we were learning about the different foods we eat in Japan.

Sensei Hiroko added sesame seed seasoning to the hot rice and then showed us how to shape it into Ongiri.  Ongiri means to 'squash' the rice. So each of us got some rice and moulded it into different shapes and then we got to eat it.  
Arigato Sensei! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Weetbix Tryathlon 22 March 2016

Zaymoah, Faiva Lua, Ahnee, Isaac, Arie and Julianna

In the Tryathlon me and Man Nu partnered up to complete three courses. First I swam and then took a change of clothes from Man Nu as she started to bike. When she completed the amount of laps she was told she came back and we ran together all the way to the finish line. It was hard but we kept going and now we have a medal to say we finished it! 

Marseille, ManNu, Taiga, Niva, Penina, Riana, Ieti and Faiva Lua after receiving their gold medals for participating 

Penehe in the transition area after his swim

Arie running into the transition area after his bike ride

Rico and Duncan

Our fantastic parents! 

Ahnee, Arie, Duncan, Ieti, Isaac, Zaymoah, Rico and Rafael

Ahnee, Penehe, Arie and Rafael

Ieti and Taiga

ManNu and Niva at the finish line! 

Year 7/8 Adventure Day at Adrenalin Forest

It was Friday the 18 of March when we had an Adventure day at Adrenalin forest.We had a great time.It was mostly fun here because we went on ziplines and other obstacle courses.Sometimes when I was stuck I give up but just kept on going, like when I was too scared to go on the ziplines.It was funny when I let go and I ziplined into the crash-pad I found it hilarious. - Junior Manuele

The reason why we had a Adventure day was because it was a Leadership day, it was a day of having courage, taking risk and most about challenging yourself. - Amelia Tufui

The thing that really challenged me was the rolling logs and the rope steps. The rolling log were logs that kept rolling over and you had to try keep your balance   and it took a lot of energy and time. The rope step was the hardest challenge for me, the rope swung back and forth and you had to find the right time but as soon as your foot comes of it goes all the way back so you need to be really fast. 
- Nhial Makuey